About us ?

COMPETITIV’eko project is a cross-border strategic project whose objective is to boost innovation and competitiveness of companies in the three neighboring territories, Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra. This is a broad action carried out over three years that includes collaborations with clusters, economic development agencies, technology centers and SMEs in the three territories involved.

COMPETITIV’EKO, whose head of line is the CCI Bayonne Pays Basque is funded by POCTEFA (European program for cross-border cooperation).

What do we do ?

Value chains
Needs in innovation
International Benchmarking
Competitiveness analysis
Territory-company convergence
Area of specialization

How to participate ?

I am
a public body

I work on economic development issues and I would like to participate in the work carried out under COMPETITIV’eko.

I am
a company, a cluster

I am part of the productive sector and I am interested in cross-border economic development strategies.

I am
a university, a technical center

I belong to the academic sector and carry out research and innovation that can be included in the themes selected by the COMPETITIV’eko project.

I am
a citizen

I am an actor in civil society and I feel involved with economic issues. I would like to participate in the work carried out within the framework of COMPETITIV’eko.

Our partners