Analysis and convergence

  • Firstly, an analysis of the territorial competitiveness of the 3 cross-border regions has been carried out. The areas of expertise to work have been selected.
  • The analysis of the value chains in each of these areas allows later to identify the potential actors and the components that constitute them.
  • In parallel, an international Benchmarking analysis on cross-border cooperation practices has been carried out to serve as an example for our area of cooperation.
  • Likewise, the SME Innovation needs are identified in the areas of specialization selected through a diagnosis.
  • To close this stage, a report of the analysis of territory-company convergence will be written.


  • The first objective of this stage is to identify companies, products, and competitive services through surveys and interviews with companies in the three territories.
  • With the collected information, the clues for collaboration will have been identified. They will serve as a basis for professional meetings between companies in the three territories. These spaces will generate and accompany cross-border cooperation actions.
  • Following the exchanges and based on the identified potential fields of cooperation, the purpose will be to organize B2B cross-border meetings. The sectors involved will be in line with the economic specializations and S3 defined by the three territories and will constitute the incipient of the poles of cooperation that must be created.

Creation of the poles

  • A feasibility study will be carried out in view of the establishment of the 2 transboundary Poles. The aim is to determine whether there is a shared development potential by analyzing the feasibility of synergies and possible identified partnerships.
  • Once the viability of the poles has been validated, the actors will be identified and accompanied to join the cross-border poles.
  • Once the critical mass of economic actors involved has been identified, the next stage is the constitution of the two transboundary poles. A plan with the guidelines and strategic guidelines will be defined to ensure that, over time, potential markets for the diversification of activities of cross-border pole members are materialized.