The CCI Bayonne Pays Basque,
leader of the project

As Leader, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne Pays Basque wants to develop active and regular cooperation between SMEs and the clusters of the 3 territories. He would like to contribute to the creation of 2 cross-border poles inspired by the Liquid Silicone model created in 2012 by BIHARTEAN CCI Transboundary.

The Cámara de Comercio, Industria & Navegación de Gipuzkoa

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Gipuzkoa, located in San Sebastian in Euskadi – Basque Country, carries out numerous business cooperation projects with CCI Bayonne Pays Basque. This historic cooperation has been consolidated through the creation of BIHARTEAN CCI Transboundery in 2010.

Sodena, Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L

Sodena, Company for the Development of Navarra, is the instrument of the government of Navarra to attract and develop business projects of high added value. Its objective is to coordinate the conception and implementation of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy that promotes cooperation, growth and competitiveness. It also contributes to regional development and the creation of quality employment.

Orkestra-Instituto Vasco de Competitividad

Orkestra – Basque Institute for Competitiveness is an initiative of the University of Deusto which, through its Foundation, has created an institute to study competitiveness and territorial development in Euskadi – Basque Country. Building on these research lines, it pursues three objectives: to contribute to the improvement of Euskadi’s competitiveness, to promote citizens’ well-being and to develop knowledge on regional competitiveness


Created in July 2010, Bihartean the cross-border Chamber of Commerce is carrying out the strategy of cross-border economic development of the two Chambers (Bayonne Pays Basque and Gipuzkoa) to the service of SMEs in the three territories of Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarre.